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St Oswald's Church, Tile Hill



First of all let's cover the terminology: The "Christening" is the service at which the child (or adult) is "made Christ's" and includes being anointed with holy oil, the Baptism is a part of the Christening - the wet bit.

There is no age limit on Christening. The church is more than happy to perform this service for babies, older children or adults of any age. For older children it is hoped that this will be a step along the road to confirmation.

Godparents: Children should have three of these, two of the same gender and one of the opposite gender. All three of the godparents MUST have been baptised (the Church of England also suggests that one should have been confirmed). The three godparents (and the actual parents) will be making a promise before God and before their friends and family to make sure that the child is raised in the Christian faith. Do not be fooled by any TV shows you have watched, the godparents will NOT be the people who have custody of your child in the event of your death.

At St Oswald's the service will usually take place at 12.00 noon on a Sunday or (occasionally) during the Mass on Sunday morning. The Sunday morning option will not be available whilst Covid restrictions are in place.

Baptisms are FREE, although there is a charge of £15 for a Baptism Certificate; other than that there are no charges, add-ons, extras or small print. Donations, however, are always gratefully accepted.

If you would like your child (or yourself) to be Baptised at St Oswald's please call us on 07412 924401.


I don't need to explain weddings to you, you know the basics. It is, however, likely that the priest conducting the service will want to have a chat or two with you before making the arrangements.

The basic cost of for a wedding service in the Church of England is £464 (and we don't get to keep it all), although there may be add-ons depending on what you want. For instance, for an organist, for a choir, or if you want our flower lady to do her stuff there will be an extra charge.

Other Services

There are other services that we can do in church for you.

During the pandemic a lot have people have been unable to give a loved one the funeral that they deserved. As soon as it is safe for people to gather in larger numbers we will be able to offer the option of a Memorial Service in which you can celebrate the life of a loved one in a more appropriate and less rushed fashion.

If your wedding was conducted at a Register Office or other venue (I know some people took the option during the pandemic to have an outdoor civil cermony) and you would like to have God's blessing on your marriage then you might like to have a service of blessing at St Oswald's. For this and any of the other services we can offer please contact the church on 07512 924401.

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