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St Oswald's Church, Tile Hill


A New Priest

Finally! After an interregnum of over three years we are able to announce a new Parish Priest for Tile Hill. On Thursday July 8th we will be welcoming Fr. Ed Backhouse to St Oswald's.

For Fr. Ed this will be his first incumbency after serving his curacy in the Diocese of Derby. For St Oswald's it will be the beginning of a new era. We really don't have the words to express how excited we are to welcome Fr. Ed and his wife, Carrie, to Tile Hill.

We are hard at work planning for the event, drawing up an invitation list and putting together the liturgy. Rest assured that (global pandemics allowing) the service will be followed by one of the bun-fights that St Oswald's is known for. In fact we are so excited about this that we may even go as far as a shindig.

New Faces (or Old Faces)

During the 2020 lockdown Dawn opted to step down from her position as PCC Secretary and, shortly thereafter, Stuart and Christine resigned as Churchwardens. Duane was invited to fill in until an APCM could be held. In October Colin and Duane were elected as both Churchwardens as Deanery Synod Reps, Duane has also taken on the duties of PCC Secretary whilst Colin continues as Treasurer.

Dawn is still active at St Oswald's and is still heading our Eco-Church programme. Christine and Stuart are not able to join us a the moment for health reasons, but they remain in our prayers and we hope to see them back with us in the future.

We are very grateful to Stuart, Christine and Dawn for the work they have done in keeping the light of Christ shining in Tile Hill.

Food Bank

When Covid hit (and I suspect that there's a lot of stories that begin like that - it's the new "it was a dark and stormy night") we were forced to close the FoodBank. It was not something that we wanted to do, but it was necessary for the protection of our volunteers, many of whom were shielding.

The Mosiac Family Hub stepped in and took up the slack and keep a FoodBank service running in Tile Hill for around six months (for which we and many others are grateful). However, in September the decision was made to return the service to St Oswald's with backing from the Tile Hill Community Partnership. We opted to continue the Tuesday/Thursday timings that had been in place during the summer and Trish Harper was appointed to run the operation.

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